Thursday, 3 December 2015

Anzac Writing.

Topic: Anzac Memorial.
Purpose: What Our Thoughts Are?
Audience: Who Wants To Know About Our Thoughts Are.

On July 28th 1914 World War 1 was where it all began. People from our country signed up to save our people. But many people from different countries, even New Zealand, died and saved our country. It lasted until November 1918. More than 9 million soldiers were killed.

I felt great that people like them risked their lives to save our peoples lives. I felt sad for the one’s that didn't come back to there families, maybe people around the world, and their love ones. When i was outside staring at the memorial i felt depressed because it reminds me of someone in my family died.

It reminds me of someone in my family because of the people that fought and died for our countries. The anzac soldiers might of find it a bit freaky that they were going to war. The men’s wives might of been heartbroken to see them going to war and might not see them again.


Poetry Anger.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Special Time With Friends Or ClassMates.

On Friday the 23rd of October we had athletics training. My class went with Mr Wiseman to the bottom field. When we arrived to the bottom field Mr Wiseman told us we were doing to do shot put. Soon Mr Wiseman went over the rules how you must hold the shot put and how you must throw it, he told us if you throw it  is just like a ball he said you might brake your arm. So I listened to what he had said and followed the instructions.

When it was time for record round we all lined up as I was in the line I felt nervous my schoolmate might laugh at me. So I thought to myself “They might not laugh at me because I’m strong”. Suddenly it was my turn so I picked up the shot put and it was heavy and big.

As I walked up into  the circle no one was laughing at me so I placed it carefully next to my neck and on three I cast it far as I could and I got .    

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

How To Prevent Your Self From Getting Sick.

Winter is a season that comes with lots of sickness.We need to look after ourselves and these are some of the ways of preventing yourself from getting sick.

One of the easiest ways of staying healthy is eating a balanced range of food. This means eating from the 5 food groups with a focus on fruits and vegetables. If you do that then your body will receive all the nutrients it needs to be in the best condition to fight off invading germs.

Another way to prevent yourself from getting sick is by not picking up rubbish of the street with your bare hands. This means being careful about what you touch,because if you touch something that is dirty you might get sick. If you are going to pick up something dirty you should use gloves. If you do this the gloves will protect your hands from the germs.  

If you eat a good balance range of food and don’t pick dirty things off the street. Hope you got some of the notice and .   

Today in literacy we have been doing a craft about " How To Prevent Your Self From Getting Sick". This is my writing I did with a group. Hope You Enjoy.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Later & Earlier.


Hi and I am going to explain to you what I've been doing in numeracy. We have been learning about Clock's and how to tell what time it will be 15 minutes later, 30 minutes later, and 1 hr earlier. I kind of struggled when I was working but when I got use to it it was easy.