Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Isaaka Ana's Lukie Day.


Once upon a time there lived a happy sheep named Ana. She grazed her way through the beautiful Spring grass.

Later on Ana saw huntaway  on a four wheeler at the gate.They were scared they might get taken away, or be mustered into  the shed to get shorn.

The huntaways were scaring the sheep so Ana and her friend Sally ran as fast as they could. Huntaways are  the big dogs that bark very loud to scare the sheep away.

The sheep got chased into a pen were the shed. “Ana said oh no were going to die’.
‘Sally said don't worry we were here last year i think we are going to get shorn.

When they were waiting for there turn the huntaway was there backs and the sheep got angry.’Ana said why is a dog on me’!!!.

Ana and her friend sally got chased rows in the shed the first row shourn. Ana got shorn first ‘Ana said i feel so good that all my big heavy flies has got of me’!!!

Ana and her friend sally said ‘i am skinny because the farmer shorn all of my flies of me’.

Ana and her friend sally lived happily ever after chewing the beautiful grass.

                                                       The End.