Tuesday, 26 November 2013

2014 Changes.

Next year I’m looking forward to the Year 6's new class rooms. On the 19th of December my family and I are going to Brisbane. I can’t wait to get there because I am going to Sea World. I hope to see lots of awesome animals.
We might stay in wonderful hotels with a  phone that we can ring for some food to eat and get some dessert. Foxtel, Saltwater swimming pools, Diving boards, Slides, and Australia.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Panmure Bridge Fun Day.

On Saturday Panmure Bridge had a fun day. The food, lollies , ice-cream, The wrestling shows, The bouncy castles, The horse rides, and a soccer game were free.

There were these fairy’s that were handing out lolliepops. When we were watching wrestling we had to go and get changed for our cook island dance. When we got outside it was cold and scared. When we finished dancing i got a sausage sizzle and a Mr.Whippy ice-cream.

After that we got goody bags with lollies inside and my little brother got a prize. The prize was baking tins.Then we went home.

                                                 The End


Friday, 1 November 2013

The Accident


Once upon a time a little boy named John lived on a farm with his Mum,Dad and his big brother Jack. His dad gave him a quad bike to help on the farm.

One a hot sunny day  John went on his four-wheeler to go and cheek the baby calves if they were still with its mother but they were gone. So  John went out looking for them. W hen he found them he returned the baby calves to it’s mother’s.

When he was going back home he didn't notice a bump in the grass. So John went over the bump and the four-wheeler tipped over and landed on him. He had damage both his legs, arms, and back.

His Brother Jack went inside and called the ambulance to come and help John. When the Ambulance arrived they had to lift the four-wheeler of John. 1..2..3.. push the four-wheeler had gone of John. So john had to go to the hospital.

                                               The end .