Friday, 25 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Facts.

If you come 1st place you get a Gold medal
Swimming is in the games.
Cook Island, South africa, Tonga, Samoa, Canada, Fiji are in the games.
NZ has a netball team in the games.
Rugby sevens is in the games.

 This will be the 20th edition of the Commonwealth Games. The first was hosted by Hamilton, Canada, in 1930 and known as the British Empire Games.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world.
Australia leads the way with a staggering 803 gold medals

The Commonwealth games is held in Scotland (Glasgow) this year.
Para sports are at the Commonwealth games this year.
71 countries are competing in the games.
Valerie Adams was carrying New Zealands flag in the opening ceremony.
‘Game On Scotland’ is the official education programme of the Glasgow 2014 games.  
Eric Finau is in boxing for NZ.
Valerie Adams is the world’s best shotputter.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Holidays.

In the holidays I was staying at my nana’s house. This man was bringing us some butter chicken and he sold tickets for $20 dollars to go to the movies. On Saturday we went to the movies in Sylvia Park to go and watch the new ‘Transformers 4’. We bought 3 extreme big buckets of popcorn, and 3 large drinks with 2 straws.

We were at the top seats at the back. We could see the movie clearly, but it was noisy because babies were crying and people were talking.  I told them to “shh…” and they were quiet.

The movie was about a man who found one of the main Transformers.  He went with his friend to their old school to talk this old man. Then they went to the stage and saw a truck that  was old, rusty, and dirty. The man asked the old man “How much is this truck?” and the man said “I don’t know”.

So his friend send “I will buy it off you for $150.00 dollars. Then his friend got angry and said “This is my truck” and the man said “No it’s my truck because you aren't the boss”.

The movie took long then I started to fall off to sleep and then  I was asking to go to the toilet. It finished around 11:00 clock. I really liked the movie because Optimums Prime got to ride Grimlock the dinosaur.