Thursday, 30 July 2015

Word Problems.

Today in math class we done some word problems I did it with my buddy Zion. We struggled with our work but we had help from our teacher. And we finished it off properly.  

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

How do people spend and receive money.

Their are lots of ways to receive money. People receive money by doing jobs like Mowing their next door neighbor's lawn, paper run,security guard,. People receive money by banks with credit cards or from job’s. The most common ways for adults and kids to receive money is through working. Kids can do jobs like paper run. A paper route is one of the most common tried and true ways to earn money, and has been the first job for kids over the decade.

People spend their money on what they need like Food, Furniture, Clothing, High school fees, Bills, Fish “n” chips, Travel, Entertainment, Gambling, Insurance, Health, Pets, Technology.
People spend money on food, , Movies, games ,house items.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Pourqoui Story- Why Dogs Sniff Butts.

Why Do Dogs Sniff Butts.

 Once upon a time In 1999, on New Year's Eve at that time there was a dog going to a club named NightLife with his human friend named Maroroa he was a french person. When Garfield was with his human friend, there was a gang of dogs coming towards them.

That night when they were inside the bar Garfield could hear echoing voices going through the air. Garfield heard “ Come out side” so Garfield went outside and there was no one there. So he went back inside because it was cold and he saw that his friend Maroroa was gone.

1 hour later Garfield went looking for his friend when he was looking he saw a shadow going past him. He wondered who it was he heard another echoing sound and it said “ Look under the table” when he looked under the table he saw a bomb, and it went boom.

A couple of minutes later Garfield woke up and he noticed his butt was gone. So he started sniffing for his butt the smell got stronger and he was there. As he was sniffing for instead of finding his own butt he found his friend Maroroa and his butts.

And That’s Why Dogs Sniff Butts…..