Monday, 26 May 2014

Tamaki College- Science Road Show.

Last Friday class 5 and class 2 went to Tamaki College for a science roadshow. We had to line up at the door and wait for  someone to come and see us, this man named Shane he was short at the door but, when we went inside i couldn't believe it  he was about 6 or 7 foot tall. When we sat on chairs the presenter had to have three volunteers, so she picked Iisa, Emmy, and Anthony.

Iisa was the first one to go up iisa had to dress like a caveman, then he had to pick different kind of food and water. With a blindfold on it look hard to me. After Iisas turn Emmy was the second one to go up and do something, emmy had to blow through a little tube to test out if shes got lots of oxygen in her langs.

Friday, 23 May 2014

How to play a guitar

1. Intro:
A guitar is a kind of instrument that people like to play in their spare time. A guitar is cool because you can play different kind of songs.

2. Parts of a guitar:
A guitar has a long neck, six strings, wooden body, tuning keys, and a hole wooden body.

3. How is sound created from a guitar?
You have to strum the strings on the guitar to hear the sound.

4. How to play a guitar: Your left hand goes around the neck, of the guitar. your fingers press down on the strings. Then your right hand strums the guitar.

A guitar has different chords that you can play. When you play a guitar your right hand has to be on the strings for strumming and your left hand has to be on the neck of the guitar, to play different kind of chords.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Sound what can I hear?

1. laughing. When I was walking past the park I could hear laughing and it was annoying.

2. music. When I was walking past my next door neighbour I could hear loud music.

3. Cars. When I was walking to school I could hear lots of car noises.

4. Typing. When I come to school I hear lots of typing on netbooks and it is annoying.

5. Talking. When I hear people talking I can’t do my work.

6..Builders.  During school we hear the builders banging on the walls and it is distracting.

7. Pen tapping. In class  hear people tapping on desks and it is distracting.