Friday, 17 October 2014

Orakei Museum.

On Saturday My family and I went to Orakei Museum. We left at 12:00 AM we all had to go on the bus, when we arrived we all had to get us some tickets. My uncle he took us on a tour, First we went to take a tour is the Pacific Places. We went to see Samoa first they had heaps of necklace  and spears. Next we went to check the Cook Island they had heaps of tivaevaes and drums.

After seeing the Pacific we went to see the volcanos we went inside in this room and we watch news about the volcano in Mission Bay. When we watch the tv the screen just turned off and the room started shaking. Next we went to see WWI and WWII there were crossbow launchers if you touch it the alarm well come on.

When we finished we went to my uncle’s house to eat it was cool because we went to the pools in Otara. My best part of the tour was when i was seeing all the kind of Pacific places in the world.
                                           THE END.