Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Future Aspirations.

Future Aspirations.
  1. To Miharo Hoki.
  2. Fashion.
  3. Amelia.
  4. Anthony.
  5. Paula.

This morning we had team assembly there was three amazing visitors. There names were Amelia, Paula, and Anthony they were telling us about there live and when they were kids like us.

Anthony was in a T.V show called WHAT NOW back in the 80’s, he taught us a new maori word called To Miharo Hoki. That means you are amazing. When it was paulas turn to speak about when he was a little kid like us.

Amelia was in university studying about fashion. She wanted become a bachelor of designs she wanted to make her own brands and her own clothes, and shoes. Paula told us a story about when he went to Glen Innes primary school.

He was swimming in the final round but when he got tired, he put his legs down but what happened he drowned then his mum ‘said whose son is that’ and when the lifeguard took him out of the pool everybody was around him.


Monday, 8 December 2014

Going To Tech.

Food Tech
Hard Materials Tech
Graphics Tech
We go on Thursday
We Get there at 9:00 clock

Every Thursday we go to tech at Tamaki college. We go there to learn how to cook, make pendants, and we draw and we paint these boxes with our own drawings on. We start walking at 8:30 and have to be at tamaki college at 9:00 clock, after around 10:50 we start walking back to school.

My favourite part from tech is Hard Materials because we get to choose pictures to use for our pendants, the picture I choose was a batman logo. In term 3 I was in Graphics. Now I am in food teach we cook different kind of food and desserts like Chocolate pudding, and Rice Risotto.