Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kiwi Sport Cricket.

Kiwi Sport Cricket.!!!!!
                  Tips For Batting.

1. Keep your i on the ball.

2. Keep the bat the right way on the flat side.

3. Stay in front of the wicket so you don't get your self out

                Tips for Bowling.

1.Throw the ball and try and get the wicket.

2.To throw the ball the right way is to under arm throw.

What gear you need?

1. Legs Pads.

2. You need helmet.

3. Thigh guard.

4. chest guard.


6. Gloves.

7. Safety Glasses.

8. Stumps.

9. Bails-Two

10. A ball that has a cork bass.


                       Rugby league.

When you kick the ball throw the golf post you get 5 points for your team.

1.Keep your eye on the ball so you can catch the ball.
2. When you catch the ball the person is out.

3. When the person hits the ball you have to spread your fingers to catch the ball.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Xtramaths Result.

                                     WALT: Learn my addition basic facts.
                                     I am finding my Xtramaths quite hard.